Tokra Medikal is an emerging manufacturer of In vitro diagnostic Instrumentation and reagents for clinical and research laboratory communities in the field of Haemostasis.

With a background experience of more than 20 years in blood coagulation, Tokra has managed to become the most known and trusted brand name in Turkish Coagulation market. Today, our products are enjoyed by clinical laboratory professionals worldwide via an expanding network of international distributors carefully selected to maintain high quality standards.

Through emphasis on R&D, distinguished workforce and collaboration with renowned Universities for developing its products, Tokra is committed to provide innovative, quality and affordable  solutions for the ever changing market needs.

Having received the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 Certificate of Quality Management Systems, Tokra continues to present its goods and services to its customers around the world in accordance with this quality principle and is dedicated to become one of the leading provider in the world of haemostasis.