In the world of coagulation dominated by conventional actors, and in a period when market needs diversities, innovations and to challenge status quo more than ever, we fully believe that our company, equipped with experience and knowledge harnessed over more than 20 years, will give a new impulse to the market with its distinguished workforce, management, and ideals. Moreover, it also gives us great pleasure and strength to be able to have our humble share in contributing to global economic and social development by creating added value to healthcare sector as well as human health in our field.


In this context, we are aware of the fact that there is much to do and achieve at Tokra where it has become a corporate culture to produce brand new ideas in our field and to build our future on R&D.


At Tokra, we aim at creating a peaceful environment for our employees in which they will be able to improve themselves continuously and feel to be a part of this environment; building a successful synergy with our dealers and distributors on basis of trust and code of commercial ethics; and providing innovative and high-quality products and services for our customers.


Maintaining our enthusiasm and determination as fresh and strong as in the first day of our business activity, we are taking stable and robust steps on our path deriving our strength from our footsteps.