Tokra Medikal is an emerging manufacturer of In vitro diagnostic Instrumentation and reagents for clinical and research laboratory communities in the field of Haemostasis.

With a background experience of more than 20 years in blood coagulation, Tokra has managed to become the most known and trusted brand name in Turkish Coagulation market. Today, our products are enjoyed by clinical laboratory professionals worldwide via an expanding network of international distributors carefully selected to maintain high quality standards.

Through emphasis on research and development, distinguished workforce and collaboration with renowned Universities for developing its products, Tokra is committed to provide innovative, quality and affordable solutions for the ever changing market needs.

Having received the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 Certificate of Quality Management Systems, Tokra continues to present its goods and services to its customers around the world in accordance with this quality principle and is dedicated to become one of the leading provider in the world of haemostasis.






  • Foundation
    Tokra Medikal was founded in 1991 by Mehmet Tugrul in Ankara, Turkey dealing with Chemical, genetics, molecular biology and hemostasis product lines.      

  • Chemical    Product Line

    In 1994, Tokra became the exclusive distributor of world leading manufacturer of Chemical Products. Later to be followed by other exclusive distributorships in Genetics & Molecular Biology line of business.


  • Istanbul Subsidiary

    Establishment of Istanbul subsidiary


  • Entering Diagnostic Market

    Tokra Medikal chose to take part mainly in Diagnostic Market. 


  • Hemostasis and Tokra

    Tokra decided to put emphasis on coagulation business and became one of the dominant players in Turkish Coagulation market reaching around 30% market share.


  • Manufacture of Coagulation  Analyzers

    In 2001, Tokra introduced Turkeys’ and its own first coagulation analyzer MT1C, a single channel, semi-automated coagulation analyzer, later to be followed by a 4 channeled instrument, MT4C the same year. 


  • First Exportation

    A year after the introduction of MT1C and MT4C in the local market, Tokra started exporting its analyzers in the international markets. South Korea became the first market to be served outside of Turkey.   


  • Routine Coagulation Reagents and Kits

    Introduction of Routine coagulation reagents. First time to offer instrument and reagent under the brand name


  • Launch of Bera, New Generation Semi Automated Coagulation Analyzer

    The need of a high end product with a powerful design in MTI product range gave the shape to our new generation semi-automated analyzer         

  • Manufacture of Fully Automated Coagulation  Analyzer "Novae"

    After 6 years of R&D, Novae, a medium throughput Full automated Coagulation System is launched in Turkish Market and took its place in the manufacturing portfolio of Tokra Medikal. Beginning of late 2014, Novae has been being installed and offered both locally and worldwide with the aim of becoming among the top preferred instruments in its own segment.          

  • Manufacturing Plant

Tokra built its 5500m2 closed area manufacturing plant and moved its operations to its new facility dedicated to instrument - reagent - consumable - R&D, production and management services.